About John McConnell

Hi, John McConnell here.  This my blog.  I am the founder and President of Ascent Institute.  We offer a vastly accelerated path toward a meaningful, authentic and powerful life.

We are dedicated to all people feeling fulfilled, empowered, and purposeful, in service of creating a sustainable and meaningful future for our children’s children. We do this by connecting you to your true passions, unique sense of purpose, and authentic leadership gifts. You will discover how you get in your own way and transform your inner critic into an enthusiastic supporter. From this place you become the architect and builder of the life you truly desire. You become capable of new, creative actions to create what you care most about.

We accomplish these results through transformational coaching and life-changing learning adventures.  Nature is our classroom and experience is our most powerful teacher. Our specialty lies in the integration of the heart’s longing, the mind’s brilliance, and the body’s power and intuition. We bring the latest in neuroscience, somatic wisdom, and applied psychology, in order to create change that sticks. And we have a lot of fun along the way. It speeds things right along.

“The adventure, people, and scenery of the Leadership Journey to India were well worth the price. Combining the trek with an intense personal growth experience, supported by world-class coaches, led to astonishing results: breaking through patterns that have held me back; crystallizing my life purpose which I now express daily; learning how to lead more effectively, with less effort and suffering; growing my business significantly in the face of the economic downturn. In my experience, personal growth courses begin to fade over time. One year after my return from India the results continue to stick with me. Each day my connection to that experience has helped me to see new possibilities, be joyful and appreciate my life as never before. I highly recommend this powerful journey!”            ~Robert Landis, Principal, Capitol Media Inc


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  1. Raquel Janak Says:

    Great site, I actually discovered it to be facinating. I am looking forward to returning once again to find out what is recent.

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