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In Gratitude

November 24, 2010

First dawn light creeps around the edges of our blackout curtain. Virginia mumbles….”I’m getting up…time to put the hummingbird feeders out.”

By the time I am up I see her tromping around the yard, bundled in her down jacket and carrying warm feeders out into the snow, her breath frosty from 16 degree temps. We warm by the wood stove with a hot cup of tea and watch a beautiful full moonset & pink sunrise.

Our plans for the day have devolved from “busyness work” into bringing the hummingbird feeders in every hour to thaw, taking pictures, stacking firewood, making Thanksgiving yummies and playing with our cats (including 2 new kitties in the family — Sprocket and Sammy).

And it hits me. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but this day, right here, is already perfect. Slowing down I feel grateful. Feel it in my eyes. My chest. My toes.

I have so much to be thankful for.  Virginia.  Our cats (Sammy purring in Virginia’s lap as I write).  The snow, sent to slow us all down and make such days even possible.  Our clients, with their courage, curiosity, and commitment.  Home made Irish Cream and spinach artichoke surprise.  Dinner with family in a few short hours.  The miracle of hummingbirds with their feathers the size of pinheads.

Who and what are you thankful for?  How will you let them know?

Happy Thanksgiving!