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Perfect Start to a new Journey

October 29, 2010

We are just back from launching our fall 2010 Pacific Northwest Leadership Journey.  We had amazing weather (sun, wind, rain, you name it!) and the perfect group of committed learners.  The journey began with 3 days and 2 nights aboard the historic Adventuress (100 year old, 100′ wooden sailing schooner).  Our journey was made possible, and a real blast, by the presence of the professional and compassionate crew who live and work on the boat.

Our Crew + Adventuress Crew



There were so many favorite moments, but a few I will cherish…

Sunrise, after our first anchorage, brought sun rays poking their way through the morning mist.








Jean, kicking back on the bowsprit, looking like she was having a day at the beach.








Members of our crew pulling hard to earn their meals and keep up with the members of Adventuress crew

The peace and connection I felt feeling the boat rise and fall on the swells, the sun warming my face, and the fresh air filling the sails (it took days to find my “land legs” again…kept feeling like the ground was rocking gently under my feet).








Valerie climbing 80′ up the mast, in spite of, and because of, her fear of heights (my foot looking like the next logical hand hold).









Our crew and Adventuress crew blending into one team to achieve a task, do it well, and to ensure the bigger outcome of a safe, fun, learning journey a reality (seen here furling the jib, while standing out on the bowsprit).

This was such a fantastic start to a 4 month leadership odyssey.   Thank you to everyone who helped us launch our journey with style, grace, power, and tons of laughter.  We salute you!