Surrender to Destiny

Have you read the inspiring true story of Greg Mortenson’s journey from dirtbag mountaineer to builder of schools in remote parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan? If you haven’t, I recommend that you give his books a read (first “Three Cups of Tea,” then read “Stones Into Schools”).

From my perspective, his story is one of being in the flow of his life, of paying attention to what emerges, and of following his heart and his instincts when opportunities presented themselves. Mind you, these “opportunities” came in form of unplanned, unwanted, and uncomfortable events.  Yet he surrenders, again and again, to what feels right, to the next thing he sees to do.  He often doesn’t know exactly where he is going, he just knows the next step.

It would be easy to say he simply let’s his destiny unfold, but I think it is more accurate to say he keeps being a fierce stand for the possibilities that his destiny has presented to him.  This process takes courage — as in the courage to know who we really are.  It takes conviction — as in being unstoppable in the face of circumstances.  It requires us to look beyond our own comfort and desires — as in true impact and deep fulfillment always come when serving others rather than our own personal preferences.

What is your destiny?  Why are you here?  What is the contribution you see that you are here to make?  How is that aligned with what you find most fulfilling?  If you surrender to the gifts you have, and the callings you feel, where will that lead you?  Are you willing to let go enough to allow this path to unfold?


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One Response to “Surrender to Destiny”

  1. amy wilson Says:

    I’m on that path now. It is very scary because I have 2 children who are still at home. But I don’t feel I have a choice but to follow the calling this time.

    I’ve been called to medicine all of my life but let the voices of my past talk me out of it all along. In turn, I became a teacher and tried to fulfill my mission that way. I keep ending up blocked though. For the second time now I’m being denied tenure……although I always been told I am an effective and actually very good teacher…and my students like me a lot. My problems seem to stem from the rest of the faculty who sense that I am misplaced. I feel that they are moving me out…and not in a bad way! I just need to head my calling and move on.

    It is saddening for me, but exciting at the same time. I feel confused and clear all at the same time!

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